Services We Offer

Walk-in hours

 OUR  walk-in hours are as specified on the calendar.  We are also open when  children are off from school!  Walk-in Times are a "Create Your Own" and  are not as structured as our classes!  You will be provided however  with brushes, paints, stencils tools & ideas on how to design and  create your own masterpiece! 


 Adult  Evening  Classes and Childrens FREE drawing lessons  are on every Thurs   6 to 8!  The adult classess $6.00 per Class plus the cost of the piece  you  pick!   Classes are structured and you will be instructed or given  ideas and instruction when needed!  


Parties are a great hit at Clay Mates!  Children can pick 1 item off  the kids wall to paint!  Cost is 15.00 per child for 2 hours and after  they are done painting, they can filter into the party room where they  can have cake and ice cream you can also order pizza!!...   Children can  bring their project home with them the same day! Please click on  Birthday Party Tab for more info! 

Clay & Ceramic Events

 Grab  some of your friends, coworkers, or make it a unique date night- and  join us for an evening of entertaining art instruction. The best part  You will go home with a painting/ceramic project you can call "uniquely  yours"and hopefully a new found talent you'll want to explore.  

School/Camps/Field Trips

Children  love to come to Clay Mates to paint with their classmates, Scouts or  summer camps!  You are welcome to bring food, snacks, drink or order  pizza-to be delivered after the children are finished painting. Call in  advance to reserve your seats!   $12.00 each 

During our walk-in hours

Come  in during our walk-in hours! You can make and take home the same day  using our water based acrylics or use glazes in a large variety of  colors. 

Glazes can not be taken home the same day as they have to been  fired in the kiln.

No sitting fee, and projects are as low as  $5.00 each!  Kids wall is $12.00 (your choice) !  Come on in and let  your creative juices flow..